The Importance of Washing Under Vehicle surface


The Importance of Washing Under Vehicle surface


t is important to get your car into the wash and get all of the area under the vehicle surface. The additional protective treatments that a preventative car wash can provide will do a lot to keep your car clean and performing well. 

As you know these New England winters can be tough and it is important to care for your car with regular washes either using a touchless car wash, or a self serve bay. You can wash some of the road chemicals off of the undercarriage so that the car will perform to the best of its ability. 

Get Your Undercarriage Clean :

One great way to keep your car looking clean and new is to sign up for a loyalty program.

A loyalty program keeps you coming back. The truth is you just take better care of your car. Come in today get a wash and join our loyalty program. If you are keeping the car clean before during and after the holidays the car will be in much better shape as the warm weather gets here. 

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