Tough Stains in Your Car’s Interior (what to do about them)

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Tough Stains in Your Car’s Interior (what to do about them)


t is important to get your car into the wash and get all of the areas not only on the outside but also on the inside. A great cleaning on the interior (and some stain removal) can go a long way.

If you use your car regularly then there is a good chance you might get some stains or dirt in the interior. Especially with the unpredictable weather in the Boston area. This can cause mud and dirt and that leads stains and can lead to spills when you are rushing in and out of the car. First step is to vacuum and wipe down the interior surfaces. Then take a cleaner and gently scrub the surfaces. Depending if it is grease or dirt, or gum or candy there are specific ways to remove those from carpet. Some might require a few treatments or bringing the car to get detailed. 

Get your Interior Clean :

One great way to keep your car looking clean and new is to sign up for a loyalty program.

A loyalty program keeps you coming back. The truth is you just take better care of your car. Come in today get a wash and join our loyalty program. If you are keeping the car clean before during and after the holidays the car will be in much better shape as the warm weather gets here. 

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